About the Conference

Every year, the British and Irish Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BIPPA) organises its Annual Conference, when we aim at bringing together postgraduate students from all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland to present their work, meet their peers and strengthen the postgraduate philosophical community.

The conference includes talks by graduate students, keynote addresses by senior academics, and the BIPPA Annual Careers Workshop. This year, participants will also have the opportunity to attend our BIPPA Annual Masterclass during the second day of the conference.

The 2022 edition of the BIPPA Annual Conference will take place in person at University College Dublin (Dublin, Republic of Ireland) on the 11th and 12th of November 2022. This comes as a great novelty for all of us, as it is the first time that the BIPPA organizes its annual conference in the Republic of Ireland. The Annual Masterclass will also take place at UCD, on the 12th November 2022.

The theme of the conference is ‘Gender, Race, Identity’. We want to bring together a variety of perspectives and philosophical traditions addressing the notion of identity, broadly understood: from the philosophy of personal identity and the self, to the notion of social identity and its connections with feminist philosophy, queer theory, or philosophy of race.

We also take pride in announcing that the conference and the masterclass will feature lectures by distinguished academics. Keynote speakers for the 2022 conference, masterclass, and for the career workshops include:

· Professor Katherine O'Donnell (University College Dublin)
· Professor Tommy J. Curry (University of Edinburgh)
· Dr Valeria Venditti (University College Cork)
· Dr Danielle Petherbridge (University College Dublin)
· Dr Alexander Franklin (King's College London)
· Dr Jonas Raab (Trinity College Dublin)
· Prof Eric Olson (Sheffield)

We are deeply grateful to the Royal Institute of Philosophy, the Society for Applied Philosophy and University College Dublin for the support and generous funding.

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts is now closed. Some of the topics covered by accepted abstracts include:

· The social and political dimension of identity (including any philosophy that concerns the historical, political and economic constitution of race, gender, sexuality and class and potentially their overlapping)
· Philosophy of personal identity (including debates in Metaphysics , Phenomenology, Existentialism, Frankfurt school and beyond)
· Feminist philosophy
· Transgender philosophy, Transphilosophy, and Queer Theory
· Afro-futurism, afro-pessimism, Africana critical theory/Black existentialism and Critical Race theory
· Post-colonial, anti-colonial thought and non-Western approaches to race, gender, and identity

Conference Programme

To download as PDF, click here.

11th November:
·09:30-10:00 – Meet and Greet and Conference Introduction.
·10:00-10:55 – Conference Keynote Lecture 1: Professor Katherine O’Donnell (University College Dublin): What Do We Mean When We Say 'Decolonial'?
·10:55-11:10 – Break
·11:10-11:50 – Graduate talks session 1a, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Nadia Ben Hassine (University of Cambridge): Finding Better Meanings: Conceptual Engineering and the Argument from Many Alternatives
Panel 2: Rikke Friis Bentzon (University of Edinburgh): The Abolition of Family—A Defense of the Family

·11:50-12:30 – Graduate talks session 1b, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Thomas Ralston (University of Oxford): Linguistic Revisionism and the Harms of Generic Speech
Panel 2: Maria Giulia Molinaro (University College Dublin): Conflict, Dehumanisation, and Identity. The Problem of the Non-Fluidity of the Identity

·12:30-13:30 Lunch break
·13:30-14.20 – Careers Session 1 – Dr Jonas Raab (Trinity College Dublin): How to Publish during your Postgraduate Studies
·14:20-14:35 – Break
·14:35-15:15 – Graduate talks session 2a, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Jonathan Krude (University of Oxford): Avoiding Duplication without Circularity
Panel 2: Stephanie Ifill (University of Westminster): Her Self that Moves and is Moved by the Gendered Racialised World

·15:15-15:55 – Graduate talks session 2b, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Jonathan May (King's College London): Sartre: Serious Identities and Playing Roles
Panel 2: Kelly Agra (University College Dublin): Retrieving the Salience of Identity in Resistance through Epistemology: Knowledge, Agency, Identity

·15:55-16:35 – Graduate talks session 2c, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Samuel Ferns (University College Dublin): Rationality and Identity: On the Development of a Frankfurt School Discussion
Panel 2: George Surtees (University of Sheffield): The Use and Abuse of Oppression: Credibility Excess and the Weaponising of Marginalised Identities

·16:35-16:50 – Break
·16:50-17:40 – Careers Session 2 – Dr Danielle Petherbridge (University College Dublin): Careers for Women in Philosophy
·19:00 – Dinner

12th November:
·09:30-09.45 — A few words on diversifying and decolonising the Philosophy curriculum
·09:45-10:40 – Conference Keynote Lecture 2: Dr Alexander Franklin (King's College London): How to Understand the Social Construction of Race

·10:40-10:55– Break
·10:55-11:35 – Graduate talks session 3, Panels 1 and 2 (40 min)
Panel 1: Zara Goldstone (University College London): Colonialism and Relational Inequality
Panel 2: Ashley Lancer (University of Cambridge): On Burdening Aristotle with a Notion of 'Race'

·11:35-12:30 – Lunch break
·12:30-13:55 – Masterclass Lecture 1: Professor Eric Olson (University of Sheffield): How to Think About Personal Identity

·13:55-14:00 – Break
·14:00-15:25 – Masterclass Lecture 2: Professor Tommy J Curry (University of Edinburgh): Importing Racism through Gender Theory: Intersectionality, Misandric Stereotypes, and the War against Sociological Verifiability.

·15:25-15:30 – Break
·15:30-17:00 – Masterclass Lecture 3: Dr Valeria Venditti (University College Cork): Feminism in-difference - Towards an Immanent Politics of Breaking Boundaries

Annual Masterclass

The BIPPA Annual Masterclass is one of our most celebrated and long-standing yearly events.On this occasion, we have decided to have the Masterclass and the Annual Conference all together, the former following the latter.

The Masterclass is thought of as an afternoon session of lectures by some of the leading academics of the field, an opportunity for students to learn and engage with ongoing debates on topics of their interest.

This year, in connection with the Annual Conference, the theme of the Masterclass is 'Identity & Race & Gender': we will explore approaches to identity originating in both theoretical and practical philosophy, and the possible relations with race, gender, and other social categories. The Masterclass will consist of the following 90-min long lectures:

· Prof Eric Olson (Sheffield): How to Think About Personal Identity

· Prof Tommy J Curry (Edinburg): Prof Tommy J Curry (Edinburgh): Importing Racism through Gender Theory: Intersectionality, Misandric Stereotypes, and the War against Sociological Verifiability.

· Dr Valeria Venditti (University College Cork): Feminism in-difference - towards an immanent politics of breaking boundaries.

The Masterclass will take place at University College Dublin, on the afternoon of the 12th November 2022. Those interested should register and pay a minimal registration fee in the Registration area of this website. It is possible to register for the Masterclass alone, instead of the Conference and the Masterclass.


The conference will take place at University College Dublin. The full address is as follows:

UCD School of Philosophy,
Newman Building,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4,

Those who register for the conference will receive the details of the exact venue in due course.


The registration for the event is now open. We offer two registration options: one for the full conference, including the Annual Masterclass, and one for the Masterclass only. Please, note that in both cases we have had to implement a registration fee in order to cover the costs of running the events. While we have tried to keep the fee to a minimum, we understand that some students may experience a difficult financial situation, so we will be happy to consider a fee waiver for these cases. The price for the full event is £20.50 (approx. €23); the price for the Annual Masterclass is £12.50 (approx. €14). Registration for the conference includes tea, coffee and snacks throughout the event. You can also register to attend remotely, via Zoom, in which case the price is £15.50 (approx. €17). One you have done the payment, please email your payment receipt to BIPPA in order to complete the registration.

Please, select the event and mode of attendance you would like to register for

Practical Information

For affordable accommodation, we suggest looking on Airbnb (prices start at €60 per night), and single beds in dormitories. Abbey Court Hostel at the city centre facilitates group bookings, and it is one of the best in terms of price, accessibility, and reviews.

For those on a budget who won’t be able to find an accommodation in Airbnb, we can sign them up for a group booking at the Abbey Court, so they can at least be assured that they will be sharing their rooms with fellow participants of the conference. They have 4-bed and 6-bed ensuite dorms (female only and mix).

For those who can afford to book hotels, we suggest booking on their own through other booking websites such as Booking. Prices start at €100 per night.

Regarding transport, this link contains information about the Leap Visitor Card, which you can use unlimitedly for the Dublin buses, trams, and rails. This can be purchased prior to your travel and delivered to your home, or at the Dublin Airport and City Centre (check link for locations). A one-day ticket is €8, whereas a three-day ticket is €16.

When looking for city-airport transfers, please note though that NOT all airport express buses accept Leap Card. Only the Airlink Express Bus accepts Leap Card.

For the other airport transfers, you can either book them online for reduced price (usually €10 for one way) or purchase your ticket directly at bus stops in front of airport terminals 1 or 2.

You can find further information about bus transfers here. When booking online, please REMEMBER to indicate if are a STUDENT for discounted fare (postgraduate students are counted as students in Ireland).

Some place of interest in Dublin include:

1. Indoors:
· National Gallery of Ireland
· EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
· Museum of Literature Ireland
· Kilmainham Gaol
· Dublin Castle
· James Joyce Tower and Museum
· Guinness Storehouse

2. Outdoors:
· Phoenix Park
· Killiney Hill Park
· Dún Laoghaire Harbour
· Howth Cliff Walk
· Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

This conference has been made possible by the sponsorship and financial support of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, the Society for Applied Philosophy, and University College Dublin.